Basic information about the Discord server

Welcome to the Salesforce eXchange Discord!

We're a community-first Salesforce discussion group. Grab a role and we hope you enjoy your stay.

If you have a quick question you want an answer to, but no one seems to be available to answer, see if any tag-able role matches your subject. This will send a notification to people who have that role assigned.

Here's a link to this server that you can share:

The discord server

We also have a small website ! It hosts these instructions in a more readable format, a collection of links we find useful, some FAQ points, and the past abrdiged release notes, amongst others: You can even find us on Linkedin: You can add yourself as a Member in the company, or just follow us for release notes posts and such.

New to discord ? You should probably edit your server mention settings to "Mentions only". You can also learn about formatting your messages, especially for code blocks:

If you are not often connected to Discord we suggest you take a role to ensure you stay in the server. We automatically purge inactive members with no role after a period of 30 days. This does not apply to people that hold roles, whatever that role is.


#general and #nsfw-rant tend to have huge spikes in activity. If you have a question that requires a bit more conversation, you should head over to the Specialities channels.
#general can be used for anything including banter and support requests.
Anything in the Automated category is automated. Posting in there can be done, but most have it muted. So you probably won't get an answer.
#random is where memeing takes place.
#nsfw-rant is not really nsfw but will contain strong language.
#job-offers is where you want to speak about job offers. If you're a recruiter, you should head there. While honest mistakes are fine, spamming normal discussion channels with job offers will not be tolerated.

If you can't see #nsfw-rant this is because you just joined. If your account stays active for more than three months, you will get access to it automatically.

We generally don't moderate the server too heavily, but we do have a couple of rules:

  • no politics. This was a community decision, and we do enforce it by deleting the messages and warning offending users.
  • no NSFW images, including in #nsfw-rant.
  • no spamming in general
  • self-promotion is tolerated, by members who have already contributed to the community, and NOT in the Specialities channels.
  • anything written in these rules is considered to be known by all Server members.

Any update to these rules are posted in #announcements.


Normal Roles

Normal roles cannot be tagged, but are displayed in the sidebar. Use this if you want to display what your current job description is, or your center of interest, etc.

To get a Normal role, please use one of the following in the #rolerequest channel:

  • +getrole Architect
  • +getrole Admin
  • +getrole Business Analyst
  • +getrole Commercecloud
  • +getrole Consultant
  • +getrole CPQ
  • +getrole Dev
  • +getrole Marketing Cloud
  • +getrole Recruiters

Tag-able Roles

These roles are pretty much the opposite of Normal roles.
They are not displayed in the sidebar but can be tagged (@) by anyone.
They are named to losely ressemble the SFDC CLI, and make autocomplete easier.
Requesting one of these roles means you can and will be tagged by people who have questions regarding these topics.

To get a tag-able role, please use one of the following in the #rolerequest channel:

  • +getrole force:learn:dev
  • +getrole force:learn:dev:api
  • +getrole force:learn:dev:lightning
  • +getrole force:learn:admin
  • +getrole force:learn:admin:servicecloud
  • +getrole force:learn:admin:salescloud
  • +getrole force:learn:admin:communities
  • +getrole force:learn:admin:automation
  • +getrole force:learn:admin:commerce
  • +getrole mc:learn:admin
  • +getrole mc:learn:ampscript
  • +getrole cpq:learn:admin
  • +getrole cpq:learn:dev

Special Roles

Special roles can be requested there by PM'ing @Moderators. These requests are rarely granted.
Specialroles include but are not limited to Salesforce Internal for example. These require verification.
You can also request to be a Power User or a Moderator at any time. Approval is dependent on the current role holders' consensus.

You can have multiple roles.


If you are submitting a #job-offers please use the following template for easier parsing: [Status] Open [Duration] X months [Location] Remote [Compensation] 1B€ [Description] Know Salesforce. Advise the VP on how to Salesforce Effectively. Study Recursion to Saleforce while you Salesforce. Do that recursively to Salesforce Salesforce Salesforce. Use ```ini yourtext ``` for the highlighting if you want the same look as above.


You may use Vexera to listen to music. Simply join a voice channel and use #jukebox-requests to request a playlist. Useful commands:

+play "whatever" - searches for a song and plays it +search "whatever" - searches for a song and displays a menu to select which result to play +np - displays Now Playing +skip - skips a song. Vote-based if multiple listen to a single channel. +jump <[\d]> - jumps to a position in the queue +seek <[\d]> - jumps to a position in the song

Tatsumaki is our main moderation/meme bot.

Things you can do with her:

!rep <@user> - give someone a reputation point. Only one can be given per 24h. Use this if someone helped you a lot. !cookie <@user> - give someone a cookie. Useless but delicious !profile - see your Tatsu profile. You can buy background images, etc, with credits. !daily - gets credits that you can spend on making your profile beautiful !slots <[\d]> - play slots to win credits !fish - fish. !tg - if you miss having tamagotchi this one is for you !help - display a full list of commands

There's a lot of other functions so using !help is recommended.

Note that trying to activate the NSFW commands of the bot is one of the very rare things that will get you instabanned.


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